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CCS REP is a manufacturer’s representative company promoting specialty products & supplies, and accessories. We use our hands-on experience to conduct training and to rapidly and effectively respond to our customer’s needs and effectively promote their products. Our individual reputations with principals, customers and distributors combine to form a team well recognized and respected within the industry. 

Our Services

CCS provides their manufacturers with many services and benefits above and beyond other traditional Sales Rep Firms.

Contractor Services

CCS works to the benefit of all parties by being involved in the entire project by providing the right solution, application training and certification. 


CCS keeps our manufacturer’s products readily available to the users by long term relationships with key distributors, our merchandising specialist, training and focus on the right products to meet local market product needs.

Engineer Services

CCS provides a dedicated series of services and support for engineers to stay current with changes and updates. Our dedicated specification specialist focuses our efforts to make sure they stay current with the latest products and methods introduced by our manufacturers.